Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


At RFX, we strive to provide your site with a highly-optimized solution to increase your ranking among the search engines. You can take comfort in the fact that we never employ black hat SEO techniques (i.e., we don't use any unethical "hacks" or workarounds to sneak you into a higher page rank). They may help in the shot term, but, unlike some SEO providers, we don't believe it's worth the risk of being blacklisted. For all pages we create, for each and every site we maintain, we ensure our compliance with the most-accepted HTML and CSS coding standards; this makes it easier for web spiders (automated programs that crawl the Web to index websites) to find and index your content. We strive to stay ahead of the curve and stay on top of the latest, ever-changing search engine algorithms and latest SEO practices.



The phrase "content is king" has been uttered by many and we thoroughly agree. While we don't typically provide the actual content for your site, as part of our optimization process, we will research and identify relevant key words and keyword phrases; then we'll suggest ways to work them into your site content. They will also be added to proper HTML tags that we know the web crawlers will be seeking. The key words we select for use are based on the term's popularity, relevance, and competition. We will endeavor to use as many relevant keywords and phrases as possible (including generic, specific, and trademark terms). Google and other search engines recommend creating a page for every topic, using links to explain off topic items. Typically, each page is optimized for one keyword term.

Title Tag, URL, Meta and Description Optimization

The "title" of the page is what you see at the top of the browser window; for this page it would be "RFX Websites: Design and Development - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)". It is recommended that the title contain 5 to 7 keywords or 50 to 80 characters. The title is an important element to all search engine spiders. This text is usually used for the main link to your web page in search engine listings. Needless to say, this plays into a users decision to click YOUR link over someone else's. Equally important is the URL address for your page; this is what you type in your address bar to get to a particular page and every page has one. Like the title, it should also be peppered with relevant keywords. Google is known to place high value on pages containing keywords in the URL. The description tag in your page should also contain keywords (up to 150 words or 250 characters total for the element). This, coupled with your title tag, is also an important element to search engines. In many search engines this will be the description you see for the page in search listings.

Backlinks / Social Marketing

As the search engines crawl websites, they find how many links are pointing back to your site; these are known as "back links". Some sources estimate that the quantity and quality of the back links amount to 70% of Google's criteria in determining page ranks. In order to achieve a good page rank, your web site needs to be validated by others. In truth, without back links, your site will be much harder to find. There are a number of ways to create backlinks. Some focus on quantity. Some focus on quality. We can help you create effective, sensible, well-placed backlinks (starting with social media sites such as Facebook and twitter. We can also help you create social media accounts for your business, along with showing you how to easily share or create back-links to site pages.

Site Traffic Analysis

With RFX, you will get a comprehensive, monthly report of the traffic coming to your site. With these reports you will be able to see how many visits your site is getting, where your traffic is coming from, how visitors found your site, what pages visitors are viewing the most, the frequency of repeat visitors vs first-time visitors, and even the geographical location from which you are seeing the most traffic. With all this information at your fingertips, you can judge how well we are achieving your SEO goals and how your paid advertising campaigns are performing. We'll do our best to help you improve your site's ROI.

Sitemaps and Search Engine Submissions

Sitemaps assist search engines by explaining the most efficient and complete way to crawl your site. Every site we create has a sitemap that is updated as often as needed to remain up-to-date. For our new customers, we will gladly submit your sitemaps for inclusion on the big four search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask.

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