At RFX, we insist that our clients receive a quality product with a variety of practical, in-demand features. Whether you've commissioned us to custom design your site or chosen to use one of our off-the-shelf templates, you’re sure to be pleased with the robust functionality that goes into each and every one of our websites.

Standard Features



Enhanced Functionality

  • Feedback forms
  • Basic Google Maps integration
  • Google Calendar integration*

Additional Options

  • Additional CMS user accounts
  • Content approval workflows
  • Additional output channels (PDF, XML, WML, Excel, Word, text, etc.)
  • Deliver site statistics
  • Analyze Site Statistics
  • Metadata enhancements
  • Backlinks/social/share buttons
  • Google Apps setup
* Google Apps account setup not included.


  • Custom mobile phone design for better viewing.
  • Enhanced mobile phone integration.
    • Touch friendly interface
    • Number-pad friendly interface
  • Google Ads
    • AdWords
    • AdSense

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